The Unofficial Slack Button and Bookmarklet

Share any page to Slack with a button embed or bookmarklet

#4 Product of the DayAugust 29, 2015
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When is Slack going to build an official "Slack It" button, similar to Facebook's share, Twitter's tweet, and Pinterest's pin buttons? cc @buster @matmullen, @stewart
@rrhoover Pushing the API even further! I bet it's on their priority list :)
Thanks for the upvotes everyone! Just wanted to reiterate that this is an unofficial implementation of what a "Slack It" button might look like. My brother @richard_peng and I built this in 24 hours as a short-term solution to solve for an use case we had. I'm sure in due time SlackHQ will build an official bigger, better version of this at some point!
It would be a step with the giants. Thumbs up.