Read Reddit like a print newspaper

We call the "front page of the Internet," but it occurred to me that that's only true in a very abstract sense. So I thought I'd extend that metaphor to something concrete! is a Reddit reader/browser that looks like the NYT front page.
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I made this past Friday afternoon after thinking it would be cool to read Hacker News on a print newspaper. Hacker News turned out to be a bad choice for a feed, because HN posts don't have any images and so the resulting paper isn't very interesting. Luckily, Reddit has a great public API so I pivoted to make a Reddit browser. Extra appropriate, given the site's nickname. If you're on Firefox with Advanced Tracking Protection enabled, you might need to turn it off for this site -- apparently ATP blocks Reddit's official public API, too. Be sure to check out other subreddits and /top posts of subs with the controls on the right of the header bar!
@thesephist cool ship! what's the story behind the name?
@thesameerk The name's supposed to be "unimpress" as in "I'm un-impressed with today's news" but I think in hindsight I could have picked a more intuitive / pronounceable name, haha.
@thesephist Thanks! The website is amazing!
The product looks sick, cool project Linus.
What a good job !! Well done
Useful. Would be good to have a search, to search for any community. I see a lot of "lorem ipsum" instead of words. Waiting for v2.
@allisonwalker4 You can do this actually! Just change the URL to whichever subreddit you want to see