A smooth interpretation of a modern & slim zipper wallet

The UNDIVIDED Wallet is slim, simple and secure

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I’ve had the same slim wallet from Fossil for 17 years. This might change that. Looks nice. 👌🏻
@bsradcliffe Never seen a wallet that can withstand 17 years of daily use, that must've been the unicorn of wallets lol. I've never spent any crazy money on a high quality leather wallet but most $20-$30 leather wallet's last me about 2-3 years of regular use (removing/putting back Debit Card and Cash, that's the most use my wallet gets)
@arthurgd3 Believe me, I know. I'm still amazed daily at how little wear it has on it every time I reach for it. Curious to see how this wallet holds up; the only thing that really has me on the fence is the zipper.
Is their a reason the logo for this wallet is almost identical to the Mason symbol? I'm not a Mason nor do I want to be mistaken for one carrying around something that can be noticed by strangers and friends and family alike.
@arthurgd3 I noticed the same thing. I wasn't sure if it was a joke or something else.