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Neat idea, @jevinsidhu, and I see some familiar faces (hi, @davefontenot and @jjeremycai!). Related thought: It's OK to go to college. 😊 It's en vogue to drop out of school and those that have a clear and confident plan of what they want to do, probably should. But college is also a great place to learn, meet people, and explore career paths. @mazzeo would agree.
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@rrhoover Thanks so much! :) Those guys + @jeffshin are amazing, incredibly friendly and super supportive. Can't accomplish much without people like that. University is coming up for me in a few years and I'm pretty excited to see what it holds. Would definitely be interested to hear what @mazzeo's opinions are.
@rrhoover @mazzeo @jevinsidhu @davefontenot @jjeremycai i agree with Ryan here. it is somewhat of a "flavor of the week" thing to drop out of college and do the startup thing, but i also applaud the team here for taking something that might societally dismissed and turning it into a positive. i think something like this could really work around the community aspect: creating a positive environment for dropouts to share their stories and reasons. i'd caution though not to make it too dropout-focused. if you want to foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable learning from each others' experiences, you don't want the vibe to make graduates or those in college feel somehow left out or not welcome. spin this in a positive way, rather than letting the negative stigma affect the collective conversation. that's what i see the point of it as, no?
@adammarx13 @rrhoover You hit the nail on the head -- fostering an enviroment where everyone feels comfortable is definitely the aim. I don't plan on dropping out, so creating an enviroment where it's spun in a positive way that isn't affecting the collective conversation is important to me. Thanks for the advice, will keep this in mind for the future! :)
@jevinsidhu @rrhoover I can definitely see how such an environment could foster conversation between people of both experiences (dropouts and non-dropouts) in a way where they could learn from one another's experiences. Look forward to seeing the next evolutions of this!
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Yo! I'm Jevin -- worked on The Unbeatn Path πŸ˜„ I've found that a lot of dropouts write some sweet stories after leaving school, detailing some pretty insightful thoughts. I thought it'd be cool to create a space for that content. Word to @davefontenot, @jeffshin and @jjeremycai for letting me feature their stories πŸ’― If you have any suggestions or questions hit me up!
@jevinsidhu what if I almost dropped out but I couldn't because of my visa issues ?
@purisid Shoot me an email at jevin.sidhu@gmail.com :)
An awesome collection of stories from those who have decided to drop out of school and jump into the world of tech startups. Very cool concept put together by the young, but talented @jevinsidhu
@torbahax Thanks so much, Andrew 😊 This is crazy cool, keeping kicking ass.
@themsaid This would make a great story, especially since Egypt has such a low dropout rate! If you haven't already, you should definitely write something about your experiences, super interesting :) I love, "If you can't find what you need in a school, leave it and seek for knowledge on your own." Hit me up on jevin.sidhu@gmail.com if you end up doing writing πŸ˜„ Thanks for commenting!
@jevinsidhu Just sent you an email, I never thought my experience is ready enough to be put into words but here we are :)
@themsaid Awesome :)
@jevinsidhu Best thing I ever did was drop out :D Best of Luck!
@evanluthra Thanks Evan! :)