The Ultimate PR Machine

A course to learn how to create a system for consistent PR

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Renee & Heather have been at it for a while and are masters at what they do in terms of PR, content marketing and customer acquisition. Really excited to see that they're teaching what they practice!
I'll be honest, I'm skeptical of any "PR-in-a-box" formulaic approach but always open to someone getting it right. How is the "$1 million dollar value for only $497" justified here? It seems like a very high pricepoint without being able to see more of the content upfront.
@andythegiant Hey Andy. You know what, I don't blame you. I've purchased half a dozen courses in the last year or so and they've flat-out disappointed me. As the author of this course I can honestly say I've done everything in my power to include an extremely robust program. That said - it's for earlier stage startup companies - NOT those with a ton of PR chops in house. Here's how the course shakes out: - 6 course modules (mostly education based), - 6 workbooks to walk through the processes to force you to do the work, - Access to our Facebook group to ask questions of myself, Renee and the team when you have them. I did the math, and while re jokingly say $1M (but hey - if you buckle down and apply everything - you can totally make that happen), it's worth well over $15K in consulting / fees alone. I spent 2 hours just advising a startup the other day on Clarity ( which translated to $400 US in my pocket - and it didn't even scratch the surface of the content in the course. Just weighing in on the price point and hope it helps. Always (!) open to questions. And if you're not happy with the course, we'd be happy to reimburse. H
Maybe @renee_warren or Heather can chime in?
@heatheranne @rene_warren This looks great. Congrats on the launch!