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Dan Bader
Dan BaderMaker@dbader_org ·
Hey folks :) I couldn’t find a good and updated list of Python developer or Python programming podcasts online. So I started this list with the best Python podcasts I know of. I'd love to grow this list and make it more useful. I really enjoy listening to these podcasts when I’m at the gym or driving. There are some great podcasts about Python development out there but I just couldn’t find a good and up-to-date list. My (arbitrary) criteria for inclusion on this list are: - episode download links must work; and - the podcast must be active (new episodes are coming out) OR at least have an interesting archive with old episodes worth listening to. I plan to keep this list updated, so feel free to shoot me an email or Twitter DM if you think anything is missing or if you’d like to see your own Python podcast added :) Thanks!