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Hi Guys, would really love to hear your thoughts on this show and the podcast in general. Always looking to improve and would absolutely love to hear your ideas and feedback. Let me know what you think?
@harrystebbings Will be listening to this today - but I love this show! Love what you are doing Harry! - How about I flip the question and ask how you feel the show is going? What are you looking to improve on?
@bentossell awesome question. How do I feel the show is going? Firstly, and most importantly I absolutely love doing it just as much now as I did 8 months ago when I started. I think our guests have got better and better, having said that we did start with Guy Kawasaki but yes, the consistency of brilliant guests I hope has been solid. I feel my interview technique has improved. I still say sure and absolutely far too much so I apologise for that. I think the intros and outs are potentially a little stale, I would love to hear how you would like them mixed up or improved? On the whole very happy, 28% month on month growth which is very pleasing and also really love covering the full investing spectrum with Angel Insights with @tombritton great question though Ben and our little project is literally done, just need to compile into a doc and it is yours!!
Hey, @harrystebbings! I'm impressed with the lineup you've acquired on your podcast since your initial launch. Who are the three people you're most excited to have on the show?
This one was the first episode I listened on the channel and liked it a lot. Interesting YC insights and history. Will stay to listen more.
@michaelbabich thanks so much for the kind words. May I ask is there anyway you would like the podcast to be added to or improved on? Would really like your feedback!
@harrystebbings Actually, it was pretty good. There was nothing that was annoying or not comfortable for listening—lot's of podcasts got really annoying intro music, especially after second time you hear it. As to the addition — probably, I didn't listened enough episodes yet to see the pattern for something to be added. So, I like it.
Awesome job Harry