The Twenty Minute VC - Tim Draper @ DFJ

Tim Draper on Investing In Tesla, Evolution of VC & Startups

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Danielle Newnham
Danielle NewnhamHunter@daniellenewnham · Founder, The Junto Network. Author
I am always impressed with Harry who has interviewed a great number of VCs and founders in tech in a relatively small amount of time - for such a young guy, he has mastered the ability to interview people well, and draws out stories or lessons we haven't heard from the interviewees before. In this episode with legendary Tim Draper, they discuss: 1.) How Tim made his way into startups and the investing industry 2.) How Tim has seen the investing landscape develop over time since he started out in the 80s 3.) Where Tim sees the most opportunity for venture returns and why 4.) Best pitch/founder etc Tim has come across 5.) Draper University 6.) Bitcoin Sound quality isn't amazing on this episode but worth a listen regardless - great content from a consistently curious Harry!