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Harry Stebbings
Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
Ted Blosser is the founder and CEO of WorkRamp, the startup that is transforming how the best companies like PayPal, Twilio, and Optimizely train and develop their employees. They are backed by top investors like Initialized Capital, Susa Ventures, Liquid2, and Slack, in addition to prominent angels like Elad Gil, Adrian Aoun, Semil Shah, and Charlie Songhurst. As for Ted, he is a Y Combinator Alumni and was an early employee at the enterprise powerhouse, Box. Huge thanks to @garrytan and @alexisohanian for the intro and @chadbyers @lpolovets for the questions! In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Ted made the move from early employee at Box to founding WorkRamp? 2.) What were the big takeaways for Ted from seeing the rocketship growth of Box? How has he applied them to starting WorkRamp? 3.) Ted has previously said, 'you should build your investor team like a sports team'. What does Ted mean by this? How did this affect what he looked for in his investors? What does Ted advise other founders when it comes to VC selection? 4.) How does Ted view the short term and the long term value add of investors? How does Ted look to leverage their abilities and connections and get the most out of having them on board? 5.) Taking a step back, many VCs want product market fit, how does Ted assess product market fit? What have been his learnings from YC that shape his attitude to PMF? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Ted’s Fave Book: The Last Lecture
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@harrystebbings Another great one, Harry! 🍻
Ted Blosser
Founder, WorkRamp