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@sfly is a Managing Partner @Shasta Ventures where he invests in mobile-enabled consumer Internet and enterprise software companies. Sean has led Shasta's investments in Dollar Shave Club, Whisper and serves on the board of directors for the likes of @TimeHop, @Zefr, @Swipely, @Bloc and @TigerText. Before joining Shasta, Sean worked at Yahoo, where he focused on growing the company's communication and messaging products such as Yahoo! Mail, Messenger, Groups and Flickr. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Sean made his way into VC from the titan that is Yahoo? Now today I want to do something slightly different and do a myth busting episode, take a couple of sectors and discuss whether they are truths and complexities to the core statement. 2.) Starting with the most common assumption in VC that it is all about team, to what extent does Sean place team ahead of product and is this a slight misconception? 3.) Many are saying mobile is a dying space. Sean previously said, 'it is not dead yet'. Why is there promise for mobile? What will be the catalyst of it's death? How does this affect Sean's investment decision making? 4.) Another much hyped topic is AR/VR, is the excitement surround AR and VR justified? Where does Sean stand on investing in the installation phase of cycles? 5.) Similar to AR/VR is the hype surround bots justified? What will be the sustainable business model for bots? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Sean’s Fave Book: What Do You Do With An Idea Sean’s Fave Blog or Newsletter: @Nuzzel, 538 Blog Sean’s Most Recent Investment: Tally
@harrystebbings Like the Mythbusters spin on today's episode!