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Harry Stebbings
Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
@Ryan_McIntyre is a Co-Founder @ Foundry Group, one of the leading VC funds of the last decade with investments in the likes of Fitbit, SendGrid and Makerbot. Prior to Foundry, Ryan started his career in VC at Mobius Venture Capital in January 2000. While at Mobius Venture Capital, Ryan led the firm’s investments in Postini (acq. GOOG) and Sling Media (acq. DISH). Prior to Mobius, Ryan co-founded Excite in 1993, which went public in 1996 and later became Excite@Home following the $6.7 billion merger of Excite and @Home in 1999. At the time this acquisition was the largest internet transaction to date and created a company that achieved peak revenues of $616 million in 2000. Huge thanks to @bfeld for the intro to Ryan today! In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Ryan made his way into the wonderful world of VC and came to co-found Foundry? 2.) At what moment did Ryan realise that he wanted to be a VC rather than his previous life of an entrepreneur? What was the catalyst moment for Ryan? 3.) What does the investment decision making process look like @ Foundry Group? What are the benefits and challenges of implementing such a model? 4.) What are the fundamentals to creating a successful venture partnership? How important is differing skill sets and contrarian thinking? 5.) What makes the great board members to Ryan? How has Ryan seen his style of being a board member alter over the time he has been on boards? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Ryan’s Fave Book: Dune by Frank Herbert Investment Ryan Is Most Excited By: @Sendgrid