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@Mignano is the Co-Founder & CEO @Anchor the app that allows you to share and engage with your network via audio, essentially radio for the people. Prior to founding Anchor, Mike was Head of Product @ Aviary, prior to it's acquisition by Adobe. Anchor was one of the hottest products at SXSW this year and has received funding from our good friends at @Homebrew, @SVAngel, @Betaworks, Eniac Ventures, @ScottBelsky and many more. In Today's Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How did Mike come to found one of the hottest new audio startups, Anchor? 2.) Why have we seen such a renaissance of podcast listening? Will this continue in the long term future and if so, what will drive the long term future growth? 3.) How did Mike use the beta testing phase to learn and iterate on customer behaviour? Following this, how did he implement this feedback to create a community that could be harnessed on launch? 4.) When examining alongside Sarah Tavel's hierarchy of engagement, how does Mike address retention and the creation of virtuous loops within Anchor? 5.) How does Mike fundamentally attempt to menthes Anchor? At what level of growth can the cash taps be turned on? How can Anchor be made to be revenue generating for both the platform and content creators? Items Mentioned In Today's Episode: Mike's Fave Blog: The Skimm Mike's Fave Book: Cat's Cradle Sarah Tavel's Hierarchy of Engagement Jakob Nielsen UX Designer
First, great interview from @HarryStebbings; one of the podcast episodes I've enjoyed most lately. I've been totally taken with @Anchor since it came out, and have been excited by the staggering amount of unique content I see being created there, even when I don't check in for a couple of days. In particular, @Mignano is dead-on with two points specifically in my opinion: community and democratization. Like music, the future of podcast-style audio is trending towards a more democratic model, supported by an influx of independent material and listenership. I think Anchor's strategy of open-sourcing this kind of dynamic will play really well for them long term. @cdixon made a similar argument regarding gaming, and I followed it with a response for the music industry here: https://medium.com/startup-study... I think Anchor has tapped into that same dynamic for podcasting (perhaps "micro-podcasting"?) and I'm excited to see how relationships evolve within the community, not only between content producers and consumers, but also between producers themselves. As those connections continue to grow, there arises the opportunity for a cross-pollinisation of different fanbses and content styles. Similarly, I'm excited to hear that Anchor's secured some funding from @Homebrew, @SVAngel, @Betaworks, and others. It's going to be interesting to see how Anchor continues to evolve over the next year.