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@mkrocks is the founder and Managing Partner of @CendanaCapital, a fund of funds which invests in seed VC funds. Michael has many of our previous guests in his portfolio including the likes of @SoftTechVC , Freestyle, Founder Collective, Collaborative Fund and many more, clearly great minds think alike! Prior to Cendana, Michael was one of the original partners of Rustic Canyon Partners a VC firm with $1bn AUM. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Michael made his way into VC and then made the transition into the world of LP? 2.) Why have we seen the proliferation of seed funding? Is this a good thing for the economy? Is dumb money good or bad for the early stage environment? 3.) Chris Douvos states we will begin to see the hybridisation of LPs and GPs, does Michael agree? What are the inherent problems with this happening? 4.) What is Michael’s blackbox for assessing emerging fund managers? What does he look for? How can they present their edge? 4.) How does Michael respond to Dave McClure’s portfolio construction theory of allocating capital to many startups with the realisation that 0.5% become unicorns? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Michael’s Fave Book: Catcher & The Rye Michael’s Fave Blog or Newsletter: @Techcrunch, @twentyminutevc