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"Hustle is repeatedly understanding how to offer value to others in advance of asking for value for yourself. [...] It's really truly believing that if I just add value to other people that there doesn't need to be a cash in moment - that you're just doing it because it's the right thing to do because you love doing it and because you can help somebody else. That's a whole other level of hustle." Usually when I hear about hustle it's about someone working hard, doing bold things to break down barriers and charge ahead in spite of resistance (and usually, toward some self gain). For that reason, whenever I've heard Mazzeo applauding hustle (which he does often in videos) it always sounded like rewarding the badge of working long hours and being extroverted. In the context of how he defines it above, it's not that at all. Given this definition, it's definitely something worth calling out and celebrating. Cheers, @harrystebbings!
@bryanlanders really appreciate that Bryan. I though we constantly hear the value of hustle, but I wanted to know how @mazzeo actually defined it! So glad you took something from it.
@Mazzeo is Managing Director at Lowercase Capital, alongside legendary angel investor, @sacca. At Lowercase Matt leads a seed and series A investment strategy managing a portfolio of over forty investments including Uber, Twitter, Stripe and Optimizely just to name a few. Prior to joining Lowercase Capital, Matt spearheaded many of the digital and venture efforts at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Matt helped shape the agency’s seed stage investment strategy and played an integral role in the founding of CAA’s incubated start-up companies, including Funny or Die, WhoSay, and Moonshark. Matt has been recognized as an innovative force across technology, entertainment, and advertising for which Fast Company named Matt one of the Most Creative People in Business. In addition to making Forbes Midas Brink List in 2014, Matt has been recognized on both Ad Age’s 40 Under 40 List in 2013, and The Wrap’s Inaugural Innovators List. Click To Play In Today's Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Matt made the transition from the world of celebrity management to the world of venture capital? 2.) How have we seen the personalisation of VCs in the emerging eco-system? Are VCs themselves brands now? How does Matt look to establish his brand? 3.) What are the required KPI's to make a successful investor? What is Matt pleased with in himself and what would he like to improve? 4.) Why will we see the decentralisation of VC away from the traditional Sand Hill Road? How does being in LA affect the operations and deal flow of Lowercase? 5.) What are Matt's biggest learnings from being partner with Chris? What has Matt founded the most challenging in making the transition from CAA to VC? Items Mentioned In Today's Episode: Matt's Fave Book: Fooled By Randomness Matt's Fave Blog or Newsletter: Jessica Lessin: The Information Matt's Most Recent Investment: Mobcrush
Mobcrush is pretty amazing. Have a friend working over there that also worked on Xbox One's first social networking app, Overdog.
Great definition of hustle.