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@kaleazy is the Co-Founder & CEO @HomeHero, one of the largest providers of non-medical home care in California. HomeHero has provided over 1 million hours of care to thousands of families and won “Best Employment Website of 2014”. Due to this immense success Kyle has been on CNN, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and many more. HomeHero has raised funds from some of the world’s best investors including @Chamath & @Mamoonha @SocialCapital, @Jason @TWISTartups and @peterpham @Mjones @ Science Inc. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Kyle came to found HomeHero? What was the a-ha moment for him? 2.) Question from Mamoon @ Social Capital: Considering that this is not your typical software business; being largely people centric, how does Kyle think about the profitability of such a business? 3.) How much of a role does unit economics lay in the mind of Kyle? How does Kyle look to balance growth with profitability? 4.) How was the fundraising process for Kyle with Chamath & Mamoon @ Social Capital? What did Kyle do to prepare for the pitch? What did Kyle do well? What would Kyle look to improve upon? How would Kyle like VCs to treat him as a Founder? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Kyle’s’s Fave Book: Black Swan Kyle’s Fave Blog: The Best Designs.com