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@JustinKan is a Partner @ world renowned, @YCombinator. The birthplace of the likes of @Airbnb, @Reddit, @Dropbox, @Stripe, @Zenefits and many more incredible companies. Prior to YC, Justin co-founded @SocialCam, acquired by Autodesk for $60m and Twitch.tv, the world's leading video platform and community for gamers, acquired by Amazon for $970m in 2014. In Today’s Episode with Justin You Will Learn: How Justin came to found Twitch.tv and then later made the transition into VC with YC? Having been a YC alum, how has Justin seen YC as an institution change over time? How have the interviews, demo days, mentoring arrangements altered? How can YC keep the same quality of startup treatment with the mass scaling taking place? YC always positions itself as an accompaniment to the VC industry, does the new $700m YC growth fund not directly compete against VCs? What 3 qualities does Justin believes all good investors must have? How has Justin looked to establish his own personal brand? What has worked and what has not? Justin is very bullish on Snapchat, why so? What makes Justin so excited for the platform? How does Justin use it to such success? What would Justin like to see change in the platform? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Justin’s Fave Book: Shogun Justin’s Fave Blog or Newsletter: @Nuzzel & @TheInformation by @Jessicalessin
Really pumped to listen to this podcast! @justinkan always has some great knowledge 💣s.