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@Bussgang is a Co-Founder and General partner @Flybridge Capital, where has made investments in numerous incredible companies including 2 former guests of the show, @JeffSeibert @ Crashlytics (sold to Twitter) and Josh Udashkin @Raden. Jeff is also a Senior Lecturer @ Harvard Business School where he has co-authored no less than 15 cases. He is also an author having written the renowned, Mastering The VC Game to the acclaim of The Financial Times, @TechCrunch, @BusinessWeek and more. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Jeff made his way into VC? How did he come to co-found Flybridge? 2.) To what extent does Jeff believe there is a glass ceiling for people without operations experience to progress up the VC ladder? 3.) How can companies establish cultures and processes when they have to change and reinvent every 6-12 months? 4.) What are venture returns? What metrics does Jeff use to determine his success? 5.) Is a focus on unit economics now one of the only ways to achieve equity value creation? How can consumer adoption drive equity value creation? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Jeff’s Fave Book: Man's Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl Jeff's Fave Blog or Newsletter: @Mattermark Daily by @thinker Jeff’s Most Recent Investment: @Sentenai