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Frank Mycroft is the Founder & CEO @ Booster Fuels, the on-demand fuel delivery service backed by the likes of our friends at Maveron and Version One. As for Frank himself, he is literally a former rocket scientist with Nasa and has more degrees that I have done podcast episodes, making him one of the smartest guests we have ever had on the show. Directly prior to Booster Fuels, Frank was the VP of Strategy @ Planetary Resources, the Redmond based, asteroid mining company. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Frank came to Found Booster Fuels from his days with Nasa? 2.) How important a role does naivety play for founders starting building their company? 3.) With Fuel being such a low margin business, how does Frank balance growth vs profitability with Booster Fuels? What are the tips for doing so in the on-demand economy? 4.) When is the transition point between growth at all costs to focusing on profitability and unit economics? 5.) To what extent is regulation a limiting factor for the growth of Booster fuels? 6.) Question from @daviddavidw: What did Frank look for in his Series A investors? Question from @atkingyens : What is Frank's wider vision for the future of on demand and Booster Fuels? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Frank’s Fave Book: Oh The Places You'll Go