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For additional context, I recorded this episode with @harrystebbings shortly before the launch of Podcasts. Thanks for having me on, Harry, and nice summary in the comments here. We covered a lot. 😊
Ryan Hoover is the Founder and CEO @ ProductHunt, winner of TechCrunch "Best New Startup 2014". ProductHunt is a community of people sharing, upvoting, and geeking out about new technology products, games, and books. Before Product Hunt, Ryan was an EIR at Tradecraft and Director of Product at PlayHaven. As a writer, Ryan has contributed to Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal and written many essays, including features for TechCrunch, Forbes, Pando, Fast Company, and The Next Web. He writes about startup trends, product designs, and production growth on his blog, ryanhoover.me. In Today's Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How did ProductHunt get started and what was the a-ha moment for Ryan in the founding of ProductHunt? 2.) PH has gone from a newsletter to friends to a a16z backed startup with employees around the globe. What have been the drivers of PH's success? 3.) PH harness the crowd for feedback on everything from designs to features. Why does Ryan prefer this open sourced feedback approach? What are the benefits? What would Ryan suggest to founders looking to adopt a similar feedback style? 4.) Question from Matt Hartman at Betaworks: Considering Ryan's work with Nir Eyal on Hooked, are there elements of Hooked that Ryan baked into the infrastructure of PH and what were they? 5.) How has Ryan created such a close and intimate relationship with his audience? What are the tools and strategies that Ryan uses to build that community? What advice does Ryan give for people looking to network and make a community around them? 6.) Where does Ryan see PH in 5 years time? What is his vision for the PH platform? How does a platform such as ProductHunt plan to monetise? Items Mentioned In Today's Episode: Ryan's Fave Book: The Art of Game Design: A Book Of Lenses Ryan's Fave Podcasts: TWIST by Jason Calacanis, Startup: Gimlet Media, Mystery Show: Gimlet Media
By far one of the best things I've listened to this weekend. @rrhoover is always a great speaker/guest from the podcasts I've heard him on, but I was quite impressed with the quality of @harrystebbings' line of questioning and general, easy rapport. The focus on community and growth of communal dynamics is always something of interest to me, so it was interesting to hear a prolonged discussion on that topic. Overall certainly something as enjoyable as it is informative.
@rrhoover such a pleasure to have you on the show and so proud to release the episode on the @twentyminutevc platform!
Great episode, carrying on with your A-list interviewees Harry. Enjoying these 'founder/maker' episodes to help occasionally mix it up as well. The dead air after asking about medical marijuana card was a good laugh too @rrhoover.
@paultomkinson ha! I'm not the right person to ask about that topic. @snoopdogg knows a thing or two. πŸ˜‰