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@Pakman is a Partner at @Venrock and the man behind Venrock’s leading of the Series A and B rounds for Dollar Shave Club. Prior to Venrock David spent 12 years as an internet entrepreneur. Including being CEO of eMusic, the world’s leading digital retailer of independent music, second only to iTunes. Prior to eMusic, David co-founded Myplay in 1999, which he later sold, in 2001, to Bertelsmann’s ecommerce Group. If that wasn’t enough David is also the co-creator of Apple Computer’s Music Group. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: How did David make his way into the world of VC with Venrock? David invested in Dollar Shave when subscription ecommerce funding was largely out of favour. What was it that excited Dave about Dollar Shave and why did he choose to invest? To what extent do we see the existence of party rounds in today’s funding environment? Venrock took the rather unusual position to lead both the A and B rounds for Dollar Shave. What was the internal conversations like within Venrock towards this decision? Dollar Shave was growing at phenomenal rates with impressive growth, what was behind the decision to sell at this time? What were the incentives behind selling to Unilever? Will we see other large e-commerce exits in the future? What does the future M&A environment look like for consumer businesses? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: David’s Fave Book: Mindset by Carole Dweck David’s Most Recent Investment: @Pearl_Auto
@savchukmark @pakman @venrock @pearl_auto Haha, I think you will love this one Mark! David was such a fantastic guest to have on the show!