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@Brit Morin is the Founder & CEO @ @BritandCo the online media and e-commerce platform that provides tools to teach, inspire, and enable creativity among women and girls. They have raised funding from some of the world's best investors including Index, General Catalyst, Intel Capital, Founders Fund and Lerer Hippeau just to name a few. As for Brit, prior to Brit + Co, Brit worked at Google in product management and before that with Apple on iTunes. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Brit came to found Brit + Co? 2.) How have we seen the traditional media landscape change over the last few years with the rise of digital? Does Brit agree with @pmarca assertion that print journalism is converging in quality and technique with blogs and Wikipedia? 3.) How does Brit view the competitive landscape for digital media? Is this an M&A by larger traditional media companies, will smaller startup media companies merge to form modern media powerhouses? 4.) How does Brit view the importance of niche communities? What does it take to foster and grow an organic niche community? 5.) Brit + Co is backed by some of the best funds in the world so what was Brit's approach to fundraising? How did Brit see it alter and evolve with the differing funding rounds? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Brit’s Fave Blog: @TheInformation by @jessicalessin Brit’s Fave Book: The Giver
Thanks for this one! She is a huge role model. Great chat.