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Harry Stebbings
Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
@omal is a Partner @Accel where he spearheads Accel's work with next-generation marketplaces and consumer-focused companies. He led the firm’s investments in @Amino @Gametime @HotelTonight and @Luma, as well as disruptive software-as-a-services businesses @Duetto and @Narvar. Brian joined Accel from Battery Ventures, where as a general partner he led investments in companies like Dollar Shave Club, BazaarVoice (public), Coupa, Skullcandy (public) and TradeKing (acquired by Ally). Prior to Battery, Brian led sales efforts and built some of the first web service-based API integrations for Bowstreet, Inc. (acquired by IBM). In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How did Brian make his way into one of the world's leading VC firms? What were Brian's biggest takeaways from being in the trenches during the bust of the dot com bubble? 2.) What is the macro economic view to value compression? How should startups being approaching and dealing with this? 3.) How can startups maintain growth as the priority whilst maintaining investor expectations on burn rates? What is Brian's approach to the growth vs retention theory? 4.) What retention metrics would Accel look for indifferent products? How does this vary from category to category? What are the commonalities Brian has seen in products that have insane retentive ability?? 5.) Where does Brian stand on market size and the potential for market transition down the line? Does the market even need to be there today for it to be investable today? Items Mentioned In Today’s Episode: Brian’s Fave Book: Zero To One By Peter Thiel Brian’s Most Recent Investment: Luma: Fast, Reliable Wifi
Sam Doshi
Co Founder @ Relayo.com
awesome insights
Danny Fiorentini
Founder of @MuzeekHQ
Nice one!