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@BalajiS is the Founder & CEO @21 the company that believes for bitcoin to succeed we need to build the full stack infrastructure for bitcoin, from silicon to hardware. 21.co have backing from some of the best in the world including @a16z, Peter Thiel, @nist & @cyantist, @Naval Ravikant and previous guest Data Collective's @MattOcko. Balaji is also a Board Partner @a16z, where he has served for the past 3 years. Prior to a16z and 21.co, Balaji was Co-Founder & CTO @Counsyl, the genomics startup that now tests 4% of all US births and raised $65 in funding. Huge thanks to @hardi_meybaum for the intro to Balaji today. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Balaji made the move from operations to a16z and the back to startups? How did his time in operations affect his investing mentality and vice versa. 2.) Why does Balaji believe that the number 1 barrier for most startups is regulation? Why does Balaji look to the unseen? 3.) With such value being held back by regulation, what is the FDA, FAA, SEC etc holding back? How can that value be unlocked? How can you carve out jurisdictions where you can have early adopters? 4.) How can new products look to gain customer validation through micro testing market segments? What are the requirement to do this successfully? What are the common mistakes 5.) How does Balaji view the future of regulation? How can tech help make regulation faster and more efficient? What are the barriers to it's widespread adoption and implementation? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Balaji's Fave Book: The Sovereign Individual, The Princeton Companion To Mathematics