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@Amirpc is the Founder & CEO @ YC backed, @Cratejoy, the website builder and backend for subscription e-commerce stores. Cratejoy have funding from the likes of General Catalyst, @a16z, Y Combinator and Charles River Ventures. With regards to Amir, he previously founded Market Zero, a poker software company which was acquired by Zynga, where he then spent time as a game CTO. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Amir came to be an entrepreneur, got acquired by Zynga and then started Cratejoy? 2.) With the recent acquisition of Dollar Shave Club, the subscription e-commerce business is hot, why does Amir think most people misunderstand the space? 3.) Amir previously said, ‘owning recruiting is the single most important thing you can do’, why does he believe this? Does Amir believe that the early team might not necessarily be the team to evolve from a $1m business to a $20m business? 4.) What is the difference between foundational team members and mercenary team members? What are the signs an individual is worth spending time to grow with? 5.) Amir previously said, 'most people have never received true direct feedback on performance’, how does Amir look to differentiate himself? Is it suitable for the leadership to be the bad guy? 6.) How can the firing process be approached with respect and dignity? Should it ever be a surprise? If it is a surprise what does that suggest about your leadership previously? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Amir’s Fave Book: Hard Thing About Hard Things by @bhorowitz Amir’s Fave Podcasts: The Twenty Minute VC, @SaaStr