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Ed (& his partner Eliot) have been involved in both companies I've started (Look.IO & Replicated.com). They have their finger on the pulse of emerging enterprise software & constantly add a ton of value (intros to potential customers, investors, partners etc). They get my highest recommendation to founders who want to build great enterprise software companies.
Great stuff. Ed & Eliot have invested in both my companies (Rapportive and Superhuman). They really do get it, and are super nice to boot.
In Today's Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Ed made his way into the wonderful world of venture? 2.) Why did Ed start a seed stage SaaS fund? Where did he see the market opportunity?How was the fundraising process for Ed? Were there any surprises? 3.) How does Ed view the current seed stage funding environment, is there too much money chasing too few deals? 4.) Ed backed cloud companies in 2000. What is different from then vs today’s saas companies? 5.) How do you value early stage SaaS startups, when there are often very few clear metrics at this stage? 6.) What makes a great enterprise founder at seed stage? 7.) How has the seed stage SaaS environment changed over the 19 years of Ed's career?
So great to hear @grantm and that is why 70% of their deal flow comes from past founder recommendations! So glad you liked the episode Grant!