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@nussenbaum - awesome! Can we get you on a PH LIVE chat??
Loved hearing the story of moving from Angel to Seed Rounds all the way up to full Venture Capitalist. Some great insights from Antoine "For us it's not about what round it is, it's about backing the right person"
In Today's Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How did Antoine make his move into the world of VC? 2.) What sectors do Felix invest in? What stage? Geography? 3.) How do Felix position themselves in the VC space? How do Felix plan to differentiate between other VCs firms in Europe? As for the structure of the fund, why did Felix choose an advisor heavy approach? 4.) Why does Antoine think Europe has the edge at the moment? Also, with the rise of the Nordics and Berlin, why did Felix choose to setup in London? 5.) How does Antoine assess the London and European funding and tech environment at the moment? Does Antoine agree with the media hype over a tech bubble? 6.) How do digital brands address the issue of the millenials with reducing brand loyalty? Does Antoine think this will be a problem for consumer startups in the fashion, food and travel space?