The Twenty Minute VC - 18: Brian Wong, Founder @ Kiip

Brian discusses the amazing journey of raising $30m by 24.

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In Today's Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How did Brian start his career? What is the Brain Wong origin snapshot? 2.) What was it about Fred Wilson that made Brian most wanting to talk to him above all other VCs when he made the move to NY? 3.) What was it like working with amazing founders like Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson? What were Brian's biggest takeaways from the experience? 4.) As a 19 year old, how difficult was it raising capital for your startup? Has it become harder raising further rounds from seed to series A to growth rounds? 5.) How have Brian's board of directors helped or hindered along the Kiip journey? How do experienced executives respond to working with such a young CEO and does age make it difficult to retain top talent? 6.) With the evolution of technology and progression of time, how are Kiip addressing the growing competitive market and how are you navigating Kiip into new social media channels?