The Twayback Machine

View your friends' old tweets for fun and trolling

An easy shortcut to jump back a few years into your friends' tweet history
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Happy Saturday, everyone! I loved this Medium post by @ryandawidjan and @libovness on what they called TweeTrolling, where you have fun with people based on their very old tweets: Interested in trying this out, but find it slightly cumbersome to click through into Twitter's advanced search every time? Well HAVE I GOT THE PRODUCT FOR YOU!
Ha! I love you, @staringispolite. This will be useful for more tweetrolling (cc @ Nivo0o0):
What have you done Jonathan! Giving @ryandawidjan and @libovness more ammunition--no tweets will be safe now This is great though, and in three days, damn that's fast.
I love this! Let the TweeTrolling begin. Thank you, I love messing with people and you just made it so much easier.
Hmm... what happened here? "No results" - "from:mfendu until:2011-12-31" Do you use a static date?