The Trip Tribe

Book travel with others that share your interests

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Dave Ambrose
Seed Software Investor
The Trip Tribe helps you book more travel w. people like you. Right now, they offer a vast selection of tours and destinations across yoga ( and soon in food and wine (yay!), cycling (yay!), photography and live events. We've generally seen apps that tend not to work well in the group travel setting (i.e. too complex to handle logistics, different interests, etc.) but what's interesting about The Trip Tribe is that they've figured out a way to make certain verticals work well for planning travel - no small feat. Look at this (, w. 130+ "yogis" all heading to a four day retreat in Tulumn! It'd be great to get @daidekman, founder, in here for an AMA and talk through the history of the company and the recent decision to start focusing on specific verticals - which looks like it's working.
I'm not one for trips with random people. But Trip Tribe helps you know who you are going with before you go and because each trip is a specific vertical you know it attracts like minded travelers. @daidekman: I can't wait to see more trip verticals - like cycling.
Gillian Morris
CEO, Hitlist
Huge fan of @daidekman and what they're building over at The Trip Tribe. I have several friends who have been on the trips so far... if I weren't a poor startup founder I'm sure I would go too! Next step: can we incorporate these trips into @hitlist_app?
Drew Meyers
Founder, Geek Estate
Very cool to see this on PH, @daidekman. I've talked to Dave a couple times as a result of working on two products (@gethorizonapp and previously @ohheyworld) that also have the goal of bringing like-minded people together in the real world through travel. Just took a look at the site, and love the new (at least since I've looked at the site) focus on wellness retreats.
Casey RosengrenCat Herder @ Hacker Paradise
Cool idea. How long have you all been around?