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Data as of October 2016: Total Customers: 2,100 Monthly ARPU: $2,500 LTV:CAC Ratio: 30 Gross Monthly Customer Churn: 1% Net Monthly Revenue Churn: unknown LTV Months: unknown LTV Dollars: $300,000 CAC: $10,000 Sector: B2B Leads, Intelligence Customer Type: Middle Market, Enterprise Revenue 2015 Revenue: >$40M 2016 Revenue: $70M Last Month MMR: $5,833,333 Revenue/Employee $222,222 In Episode #512, Nathan interviews @HenryLSchuck, CEO of DiscoverOrg. He’s a leading entrepreneur in sales intelligence and lead generation. Under his leadership, DiscoverOrg built the industry’s most accurate, highest quality, contact database through a mix of technology and a team of live researchers who continually call into thousands of IT, marketing, HR, and finance departments. 3 Key Points: 1. Teach users not only how to use a platform, but how to utilize it to INCREASE their revenue. 2. Have a business that is profitable. 3. Work harder than you could ever imagine working, that’s where you add value. Famous Five: Favorite Book? – Good Boss, Bad Boss What CEO do you follow? – N/A Favorite online tool? — Gmail Do you get 8 hours of sleep?— I do If you could let your 20-year old self, know one thing, what would it be? – “Work harder than you could ever imagine working” Time Stamped Show Notes: 01:40 – Nathan introduces Henry to the show 02:13 – DiscoverOrg provides deep intelligence on the company and the contact information of buyers of 60,000 companies worldwide 02:38 – DiscoverOrg is selling the data on a subscription basis 03:09 – Henry worked for a company similar to DiscoverOrg when he was an undergrad 03:28 – Henry’s colleague asked him to build a similar company which is now DiscoverOrg 04:04 – Henry’s acquired iProfile 04:40 – DiscoverOrg is owned by TA Associates 04:58 – DiscoverOrg was self-funded in annual contract value in 2014 05:56 – Henry was approached by different private equity firms in 2012-2014 06:26 – Henry shares the reason why they chose TA Associates 07:45 – Customers pay annual access to the platform which is a SaaS platform and they pay for specific data 08:22 – Average annual RPU 08:46 – Average ARR 09:20 – How Henry manages churn 10:46 – CAC 11:16 – Henry and his team are based in Vancouver, Washington 11:27 – Team size is 315 11:40 – Lifetime value 11:55 – Customers stay with DiscoverOrg for 3-4 years 12:23 – What keeps you motivated in doing this? 12:30 – Henry has a 6-month-old daughter and he wants her to see that he works hard, he also wants to make it a success for TA 13:29 – Connect with Henry through LinkedIn and Twitter 15:27 – Annual renewal rate is over 90% 15:46 – DiscoverOrg is continually building new data 16:00 – The Famous Five
Hi Nathan. I listen to the TOP every now and again. I think it's pretty cool, how you get people to open up about their businesses so we can all learn.