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Hey hunters. I'm the Founder of Heyo (founded at 19 while in college, raised $2.5m, grew to 25 full time and 10,000 customers) which our team decided just recently to sell. I was fortunate that the buyer let me record the process so everyone could learn things like: 1. How to get multiple LOI's then bid them up against each other to maximize deal value 2. The art of keeping leverage during due diligence to make sure the deal gets done 3. Many moments where the deal almost fell apart Looking forward to meeting you guys in the comments :)
I met Nathan at Ontraport's Ontrapalooza 2015 where we were both speakers. The dude has ideas like most entrepreneurs, but he takes action and gets stuff done. He's not afraid to push boundaries or buttons and he doesn't have to think outside the box...because "nobody puts Nathan in a box."
@saleswhisperer thanks Wes - what'd you think of this particular episode. I hope you are well!
I haven't had a chance to listen to this episode yet, but did recently come across this podcast and have really been enjoying it. It is now part of my must listen collection.
@robertwilliger wow thanks Rob! I see you're in the copywriting industry, you might like these episodes which focus on the worlds top entrepreneurs who leverage some form of copy writing: Writer of digital magazine makes $150k/mo: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podc... How copywriting genius behind lifehacker grew to 10m uniques: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podc... Startup guy does $900m last year: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podc...
@nathanlatka I listened to the lifehacker one and Startup guy yesterday and really enjoyed them. Lifehacker he really gave some great tips on how to position a list article and individual parts of it. Agree that headline is critical.
Hey @sfali789 , you might like some of these millennials who came on the show: - Nick Knueper, 25, just raised at $10m valuation for his apparel company - Dan Vitielo, 24, $330k funded on Kickstarter for his physical product Let me know if you'd like direct links!
Nathan - I really enjoyed this episode. Love the behind the scenes look into how you are handling the offer with your staff. Transparency and authenticity are definitely part of the makings of a great leader. We touch on these in our Dudes of Disruption podcast, What Is Leadership? Pt I that I Hunted today. We call them the Rules of Disruptive Leadership. Would love your input. on them... and btw we met in 2013 during SMW in NYC @ #smac. I'm enjoying watching your rise and inspired too.
@tommyspero Thanks for the kind words Tommy :)