The Tola Legend

Every bag provides one month of education for a young girl

Olori means Queen in the Yoruba language, symbolizing every girl’s inherent worth and power. We make handbags that make women feel strong, confident & secure. We work with women-owned businesses to help preserve unique craftsmanship & regain influence in a woman-driven industry. Every product sold provides tuition fees for an underprivileged girl.

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Hi Everyone, I’m Tomide Awe, founder of Olori (which means Queen in the Yoruba Language). Olori offers premium African-inspired handbags, while providing access to education for underprivileged girls. As a Nigerian, I wanted to share my culture & the beauty of Africa through handbags that every woman, even non-African women, would want to carry. Also, my passion for our social impact, girls education, stems from personal experience - My illiterate grandmother did everything she could to send my mum to school, and my mum in turn ensured that my siblings and I could get the best education possible. Through Olori, I hope to provide such opportunities for other young girls in Nigeria (and eventually Africa) and give them a chance at a better future. The Tola Legend is more than just a bag, it is made using Aso Oke textiles that are full of culture and traditions that are passed on through generations of the Yoruba people… and it doesn’t stop there, every bag provides one month of education for a young girl. I would love to hear from you, check us out on our website and let me know if you have any questions. We have a special offer for you as well - use PRODUCTHUNT for 10% off your purchase!
Great cause with an interesting background.
Great job!! Very noble work you are doing in your country !! 😊
@ayush_chandra Thank you for your kind words Ayush!
Congrats on the launch, Tomide. Love the mission. I wish you the best.
@shivagg Thank you Shiva!
Congratulations! Love this mission, need some international delivery rates 😉
@jacarandachick Thank you Miyanda! Please let me know where you're based and I can provide more information on international delivery rates for you. Thanks!
@tawe hi, London based :)
@jacarandachick We started shipping internationally a few days ago! You'll now be able to calculate the shipping cost on our check-out page :)