The Three-Body Problem

A secret military project sends signals into space

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joshua bradley
joshua bradley@airjoshb · Passionate about making life better
What's incredible about science fiction as a genre is that it is similar to mathematics in that the basic themes transcend culture and speak directly to the dreams and imagination of humanity. Translated from the original Chinese, Three-Body is a thrilling science fiction that weaves the realities of the cultural revolution into a first contact situation that expresses the deep scars and wasted hopes of a generation of people subjected to unspeakable suffering.
Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell ·
Part of the Mark Zuckerberg Book Recommendations collection Zuckerberg writes that it's a fun break from some of the heavier material he's been reading in his book club.
Misha Nestor
Misha Nestor@misha_nestor · CEO,
The second one - Deep Forest - is also just great!
Gabriel López
Gabriel López@gabouy · CEO & Co-Founder @ OrangeLoops
If you like sci fi then you gotta read this book. First time for me reading "chinese" sci fi and it's a different mindset/perspective on things which makes It stand out.