The Thin Silence

A narrative adventure about depression and what comes next

The Thin Silence is a narrative adventure game told through the introspection and recollection of Ezra Westmark. Inspired by games such as Limbo and Knytt Stories, follow the journey of Ezra from his self-imposed exile to forgiveness and hope.

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I always find such initiatives to be very encouraging. And looking how stressed out people are in these modern times, such tools are much needed and recommended. Good work @vivavolt & @iammonshushu and all the best with the launch.
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@paulharshit well said. I agree with your view.
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@paulharshit Thanks for the kind words! Obviously there are lots of different voices talking about this topic, but we thought we would add our take to the discussion :)
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@architamishra01 Thank you Archita. Its always a pleasure to meet like minded people.
How long did it take guys? Which technology is under? I am sure if the game is on iOS Apple would feature it.
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@vladkorobov It took way too long! We were both at university full-time or working-full time for the 4 and a bit years it took us to finish this. Sadly the tech stack isn't really portable to iOS or Android in its current state. We're planning on moving to a framework that will let us target as many platforms as possible for future projects.
Looks very artistic, I'm going to play definitely
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