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A weekly 1-min summary of top tech news for busy founders

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 06, 2019

The Tech Memo is 1 push notification a week with a short summary (text or video) of the need-to-know news in tech!

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👋 Hey Hunters and thanks for the hunt @bramk A couple of months ago, I realized that I was spending WAY too much time reading TechCrunch etc. so I asked someone from my team to send me a 1-minute memo of the need-to-know tech news each week. Founders I shared it with loved it so we made a (nicer) public version of it 😊 🤓What’s The Tech Memo? An efficient way to keep an eye on what’s happening with major tech players without distracting us from working on our own companies/products. The Tech Memo is a single push notification a week with a 1-minute summary of the need-to-know news in mainstream tech. For now, you can get the text+video version via email or the video version via Messenger/Instagram. 🛠How is it made? The Tech Memo is made using a mix of deep learning, space dust and blockchai… Just joking 😋we gather the most shared news in technology each week and filter for relevance to keep the 6-10 most globally relevant ones. We then make a 2 sentence summary for each which we use in the weekly email and video. The design was made by master of landing pages 👨‍🎨 🤔How does it compare to Sip, Morning Brew, The Hustle etc? The Tech Memo is a once-a-week minimalist solution to keep yourself up to date with high-level facts. It’s on the productivity side rather than entertainment so complements longer-form/more frequent publications nicely (I personally read and love The Hustle). 🚀What’s next? Iterate on the memo’s format, content and publication channels to continue helping busy founders/makers stay informed and productive! 💬Some of the feedback we’ve heard so far “I love it! Please continue to keep everything concise. It’s what I love most about it.” Young L. 🇺🇸 “Make it longer and add an audio version” — Tom P. 🇵🇱 “I prefer the written version to the video” — Rebecca S. 🇪🇸 Please be awesome and share your feedback/questions/ideas below 👇or directly to! 🙏🙏🙏
I've been receiving the tech memo for months and I really appreciate how concise it is, keeping a general overview of big tech news really efficiently. And thanks to the different formats, you can choose the one you like best.
@rebirosesmith Thanks for the kind words 🥂
Heya - awesome congrats Jeremiah! I'm curious, how is the content is curated?
@noellebaquiche Thanks @noellebaquiche — we use different forms of black and white magic + VR 😋 In all seriousness: we gather the most shared news in tech each week and filter for relevance to keep the 6-10 most relevant ones and made an efficient process out of it :-) I see SeedLegals is doing really well—what's the next country you're launching in or is that still a secret 😇?
Hahaha loved the “how its made” intro 😂 Kidding aside I thinks it a good way to filter through all the stuff that’s a waste of time. A features I’d like to see is receiving this via Telegram. Maybe its another way to differentiate. Good luck today! 💪🏻
@martijn_verbove YES! So obvious but I hadn't thought about it—that's why I ❤️ Product Hunt Thanks @martijn_verbove
I'm a reader of The Tech Memo from the beta. I really like it. Similar to Sip from ProductHunt. Highly recommend. @_jeremiahs Congratulations!
@arthur_tkachenko Thanks for the kind words! Btw do you know Forward Fooding (looking at your profile description, thought it might be relevant, I can intro)?
@_jeremiahs No i didn't know about this company - yes please intro me - it'll be a huge help for my work
@arthur_tkachenko cool! please drop me an email and I will make the intro