The Tao of Seneca

Audiobook of Seneca's letters, by Tim Ferriss

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Been wait for this for a while since Tim mentioned it. Super excited.
Any word on the reported poor audio quality? Is it going to be fixed and updated? Or is it as-is?
I'm a huge Tim Ferriss fan but the reviews of this are not good at all. Mostly production quality, but one even says boring. Anyone have any other feedback?
@melissamonteee, I couldn't wait to check it out so I got it despite the reviews. Honestly, it's not a big deal to me at all. The reviews were making it sound unlistenable, but it doesn't really bother me at all. I mean, I mean if I repeat two words, you still understand what I said right? :) Regarding entertainment vs. boredom: I did find it hard to follow at first, but I think the more you consider the magnitude of these letters, the more you can allow yourself to get sucked in. Personally, I prefer reading the letters because it's voiceless. But audiobooks are way more convenient for me.