The Tao of Seneca

Audiobook of Seneca's letters, by Tim Ferriss

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Kevin Schouweiler
Kevin Schouweiler@kevshoe · Customer Development, Datamaglia
Been wait for this for a while since Tim mentioned it. Super excited.
Mason Lawlor
Mason Lawlor@masoninthesis · founder,
Any word on the reported poor audio quality? Is it going to be fixed and updated? Or is it as-is?
Melissa Monte
Melissa Monte@melissamonteee · Director of Media & Startup Growth
I'm a huge Tim Ferriss fan but the reviews of this are not good at all. Mostly production quality, but one even says boring. Anyone have any other feedback?
Mason Lawlor
Mason Lawlor@masoninthesis · founder,
@melissamonteee, I couldn't wait to check it out so I got it despite the reviews. Honestly, it's not a big deal to me at all. The reviews were making it sound unlistenable, but it doesn't really bother me at all. I mean, I mean if I repeat two words, you still understand what I said right? :) Regarding entertainment vs. boredom: I did find it hard to follow at first, but I think the more you consider the magnitude of these letters, the more you can allow yourself to get sucked in. Personally, I prefer reading the letters because it's voiceless. But audiobooks are way more convenient for me.