The Swift Summary Book

Summary of Apple's Swift language written on Playgrounds

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Hi all, My friend @jkarmy that i met via @startupchile published this summary of Apple's Swift language to make it easier to digest. Hope other will find this useful!
@pierrebecerril @startupchile The Swift Summary Book is an interactive chapter-by-chapter summary of Apple's official documentation, built right into Playgrounds! You can tinker with it as much as you want!
Starred on Github, thank you @jkarmy!
@tuneguru you're welcome! The idea behind the book is that it grows with the community!
This is amazing! Great resource to follow along with the Swift Programming Language guide 👍 awesome job @jkarmy
@kevnguy Thanks! The book cuts to the chase with the essential content. Comments are provided to give context, while shortening reading time considerably.
This is a great resource. What target audience did you have in mind Juan Antonio?
@jnavon Thanks for your support. The book was written in Playgrounds, which means it offers a better reading experience for those with an OS X development environment. Knowledge-wise, the target is broad. Anyone from devs transitioning from Obj-C to first-time Apple coders :)