The Swapper

An atmospheric puzzle platformer set on a distant planet

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ValentineDessertenneHunter@vdessertenne · Studios illogika
I actually really enjoyed the graphics, I thought they added to the creepiness of the whole thing. The open-endedness was what bothered me the most. I like some finality in my games. The cloning mechanic was just perfect.
cAyou@cayou66 · Programmer at Illogika Studios
@vdessertenne You won't like the end of "The Fall" so :D
cAyou@cayou66 · Programmer at Illogika Studios
The game was good, I only did not like the graphics, there is too much bump on every model in the game. Gameplay mechanics were interesting though. If you liked it I can recommend "The Fall". The gameplay is quite different but the ambiance is close to The Swapper.