The Sunday Dispatches

A newsletter for creativity, freelancing and life.

Hey folks, I’ve been running my newsletter for almost two years, every Sunday AM (PST), no exceptions. I talk about freelancing, creativity, entrepreneurship and really anything that falls under “life” for those us who live/work online. It follows a story/article format - where I share one large thought per week… ranging from 500 words to 4000 words. Although I write for Inc, Fast Company, Forbes, The Next Web, Huffington Post... this is my favourite place to write and interact with folks. There’s also some bonus content - a look at how I generate new content each week, the cost and marketing breakdown of my self-published books and even the best welcome email you’ll ever read (yes, I’m bragging, and yes, I mean it). If that’s of interest, I’d be happy to share it with you as well, Paul
One of the newsletters I look forward to every week. Honest, inspiring writing. Kudos @pjrvs
@MarcEglon Cheers! Much appreciated.
I'm constantly subscribing to and unsubscribing from newsletters, but Paul's is a keeper because he always tells it like it is. Plus he's the only person I know who writes about his pet rats :)
@j_greig My rats force me to do that. Seriously, they sit under my chair and bite my toes unless there's one mention per month.
Pauls insights have been huge in starting my own product. I enjoy checking my email on sundays to get the latest sunday dispatch each week.
@hybrid_alex Heck ya! I'm especially happy since what your working on relates my happiness (coffee).
I have learned so much from @pjrvs 's newsletter about freelancing. But he's also one of the best writers in this community. A constant source of inspiration. His candor and passion are immensely refreshing when stacked up against the usual linkbait. You should definitely subscribe.