The Sun And Moon

A gorgeous, minimalist platformer with a unique mechanic

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This platformer reminds me of Super Meat Boy's ~10 second levels and retro feel. Also, is it just me or are in-browser games underrated? There are so many good titles built within the web and they provide immediate access before investing the time or money to download the game on your phone, console, or PC.
@rrhoover It's the equivalent of letting people use your product before even asking them to sign up or pay up. Now that I think about it, surprised more game devs haven't experimented with this. I wonder if this is a trend we'll look back on in a year and think "Yep". Also I can't stop playing this.
@rrhoover Another thought: would be great if I could play this, and then now that I've invested so much time in it, get it on Steam and save my progress. As it stands now I'm in a weird limbo: I've played enough I know I'll want to play more later—only Steam allows that, unless they built in-game progress into their browser game version—but I've also played enough I know I don't want to have to replay everything I've played so far.
The 'diving', gravity-flipping mechanic of this free game gives me an incredible rush when I find my flow state and get the solution to one of its puzzle-like levels. It's addicting to try and complete each level in a single, fluid run. The Sun And Moon is also now on Steam, with a bunch of new levels: