The Storybook Factory

Bringing the children's storybook into the modern era

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Hey everyone, today we are introducing an incredible reading platform called The Storybook Factory. We built this to help kids learn to read and most importantly discover a passion for reading. We've partnered with major publishers, authors, and other literacy advocates from around the world to develop tools that increase a child's level of engagement when reading books. Be sure to check out our diverse library of children's books as well as our reading tools: Pronunciation Assistant, Vocabulary Assistant, Interactive Elements, Narration, and Teacher Developed Activities! We believe that books are the most significant factor influencing a child's success, so we just wanted to provide them with unlimited potential; all from their phone, tablet, or computer. On another note, I started this company as a Junior in High School and it's beyond cool to see what it's become as well as the positive influence that it's had on schools and children in general thus far. More to come!
@bradford_wolf This is wonderful! Well done! How do you choose authors to work with?
@tese_omesan Thank you! We work very closely with a lot of different publishing company's so that we are able to provide new and engaging books each week. Additionally, we advertise ourselves as being open to all self published authors as an opportunity for them to showcase their work for free (just as long as it's age appropriate of course).
Neat idea, I particularly like the reading assistant feature. Congrats!
Looks interesting, but the 'buy before you try' model won't work for me. Am I missing a way to try this out?