The Stocks v2

Free stock photos now with colors, icons, mockups and more

#5 Product of the MonthDecember 2016
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Ahmet Sülek
Ahmet SülekMaker@ahmetsulek · Founder @
Hey everyone, Happy to launch the new version of the The Stocks. It’s being used by 25.000 people monthly and I took my time to renew it by adding videos, mockups, icons, fonts and colors. The project was also a personal challenge for teaching myself Adobe XD and Vue.JS. Seems like it will replace my ancient jQuery habit and Adobe XD looks like very promising. For those who want to stick with the old one, I'll be hosting it on Hope it helps you to build your next thing!
Lyle McKeany
Lyle McKeany@lylemckeany · growth marketer
@ahmetsulek I've used The Stocks countless times. It's my go-to photo search tool. Love this expanded update with a fresh new look!
Vineeth@vinbhai4u · iOS developer
Looking very neat and nice 👍🏾
Suganthan Mohanadasan
Suganthan Mohanadasan@suganthanmn · Digital marketing consultant
Fantastic work. I don't have to go through ton of websites to find assets anymore. Well done!
Kim Doyal
Kim Doyal@kimdoyal · Owner
Looks fantastic! Great addition of videos, icons & fonts! Have used The Stocks in the past & will continue to use it. One stop shop!
Darshan Gajara
Darshan Gajara@weirdowizard · Product Designer
Great update there with adding Colors, Icons and other stock options @ahmetsulek . It had be really great if you could add an universal search over the stocks. It would be very helpful, especially in the case of Photos, like how Librestock does it.
Ahmet Sülek
Ahmet SülekMaker@ahmetsulek · Founder @
@weirdowizard I guess and are doing that. It's beyond my current focus and availibility for this project :)
Darshan Gajara
Darshan Gajara@weirdowizard · Product Designer
@ahmetsulek Yeah, ZoomMyApp does, but it's paid :p The Stocks is great for the repository listing and preview though :)
joe borza
joe borza@joeborza · CoFounder EnergyElephant
@weirdowizard @ahmetsulek Great idea... We're also live on @ProductHunt so go crazy people! Retweet the♥