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Nick CiceroMaker@nickcicero · CEO/Founder, Delmondo
Thanks for hunting this Carlos.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
@nickcicero This looks interesting Nick! Look forward to the product :) Can you give us a bit of background around the book? There is a fun product up today which is a sort of Tinder meets Snapchat, called Yellowcheck it out :)
Nick CiceroMaker@nickcicero · CEO/Founder, Delmondo
@bentossell sure! I wrote this short eBook because Delmondo has been working with some of the top brands, influencers and publishers on their Snapchat strategies with our own analytics tool, yet we find that despite all the attention being placed on the platform, understanding of measurement and growth is non-existent online. This book expands upon our findings from building our first Snapchat analytics reports we offered back in February. Inside, you'll learn about some of the posting strategies we're using, growth metrics, as well as a great breakdown of some (but not all) of the missing metrics you can measure in Snapchat but probably didn't already know.
Isaac McDaniel@mcdaniel_isaac · I design things. 🎢👍
@nickcicero Is this still available for download?
Adam Barker@_adam_barker
Is it still available? I get a 404.
Suzanne Nguyen@stringstory · A curious geek of the future
@_adam_barker i just reached out to Nick on Twitter, here's this post to read instead:
Suzanne Nguyen@stringstory · A curious geek of the future
(edit) it's not available, but this page is: