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Hey Hunters! I just wanted to take a second and explain why I built what is now (and I would love to be corrected) the world's largest single source on startups that have failed. Before that however, I'd love to ask for a few specific pieces of feedback: --1) If I could add one or two more columns to the data, what should they be? (so far I'm thinking next step is to add an industry tag) --2) Is the typeform too long / off putting? --3) What sort of questions do you want to answer that The Shutdown List can help answer? Now with that, here's why I spent my first week as a college grad doing data entry: We often talk here in the valley about learning from failure, but at the same time, only reward success. Post-mortems are a great tool, and it was while reading the work done by @niral89, @mmazco & at that I really began to understand the magnitude of the issue. Post-mortems teach us about what went through a founder's head in his/her last moments with a company they'd poured their heart and sole into. But they don't give us a sense of just how many startups succeed or fail on a yearly basis. That's information that I think everyone has a right to know, and shouldn't be shrouded in mystery. As @violetanedkova pointed out on Autopys's PH, there have to be more than the 149 companies currently listed on, and indeed theres another 232 over at CB Insights (excluding overlap),, but neither of those allow you to sort the data in the way you want. The Shutdown List came together out of necessity for me, I needed a database of failed companies (that's another story), and I realized maybe some of my friends over in the PH community could make good use of it too. Apologies for the length, just really excited to be contributing to a community I've been lurking in for far too long!