The Startup Calculator

Explore when your startup will hit profitability

What's your startup destiny?! Explore the future of your startup rather then 'predict' it and understand the relationships between price, cost, growth, and churn for your situation, and help home in on your CAC and CLTV. Happy Calculating and we love to hear your feedback!
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My friends at The Main Ingredient (an Amsterdam based) startup studio) launched this awesome calculator where you can a combination of multiple metrics that are important to a startup's possible success.
Wow, very coool! I love the 'visual and hard judgement' on the right. Definitely a great pre-spreadsheet activity to do when you have a crazy idea and you just bought the domain name. haha Well done TMI-team!
Thanks @micheldemeere! Are you currently working on something you can use it for?
Awesome work guys 👏
Very Good Idea, Please work on changing currency feature.Thanks
@samuel_ladapo Unless you're using different currencies at the same time, perhaps it would work to read the $ sign as your specific currency until we add that option? Or is there something else?