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#5 Product of the DayApril 11, 2017

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I launched the original version The Startup Button roughly two months ago and it was met with nothing but extremely positive feedback. Since then, I've been hard at work building a new site from scratch, implementing community requested features and even playing around with AI. Today I'm proud to ship these updates and a new version of The Startup Button that I think you're all going to love πŸ™Œ I'm around all day to answer any questions or inquiries. Be sure to let me know what cool easter-eggs you find!
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The simplicity of Startup Button is just amazing. Great work @ryanheybourn!
@jevinsew thanks Jevin!
Fantastic site/platform. Congrats on the new version, Ryan!
@naeem thanks Naeem! Proud to be featuring Uselio πŸ‘
@naeem I'm selling on @Flippa. You can learn more about the sale and express your interest in the auction here -
Nice & clean look but aren't there already similar things out there that randomly shows you a startup company? I think I saw a similar product a few weeks ago.
@difan_lin thanks for the feedback! Since my initial post a few months ago I've also seen some similar sites pop up. I'm sure The Startup Button isn't the only site in the random discovery realm (notice the recommended sidebar startups) - but I can comfortably say it's the best πŸ™Œ
@ryanheybourn What I like about The Startup Button is that it also offers an overview list of recent & featured startups beside the show me a random startup button. The other sites don't seem to have this helpful feature.
@difan_lin thank you for the kind words!
The design is awesome and the mobile site is pretty good too. All in all a great product that does exactly what it's set out to do in a very effective and beautiful way.
@tese_omesan I'm selling on @Flippa. You can learn more about the sale and express your interest in the auction here -