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#1 Product of the DayDecember 08, 2018

Reading is a universal habit among great thinkersβ€”and a hard habit to build when you have access to youtube.

The startup book club lists the books most recommended by startup founders and tech pioneers.

Starting 2019, we'll read one of these books every two weeks. Start building a great habit this New Year.

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Here's why I made it and why you should join: I spent 2016–17 bumming around, depressed. I watched every episode of Frasierβ€”it was a dark time. I had a pile of books I hadn't touched in over a year (there was always some easier distraction) but eventually, I picked one up. The book was Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. It's a book about thinking, how we do it, our biases, and how we experience happiness. It was fascinating and extremely helpfulβ€”every few pages exposed some flaw in my thinking. I read a bunch more books along the same vein; including Nudge and Deep Work. The most valuable lesson I picked upβ€”one that seems obvious in hindsight: Don't rely on willpower and good intentions, use practical interventions instead: My apartment was a mess, I needed to be clean it, but couldn't find the impetus. So I invited some friends round for dinner, that way I'd have to clean it up or face the embarrassment of them seeing my nest. I got a dog, I was now responsible for the life of an innocent puppyβ€”the ultimate commitment device. I made my goals public and set a time limit, that way I'd be held accountable if I failed to work. This website was conceived of and launched in 21 days, and I don't think I could have done it without this strict method. So what's this got to do with reading? Well, we all want to read more, reading is a great habitβ€”and yet it so hard to get done. It requires focus and an environment free from distractionβ€”both increasingly hard to come by. By joining a book club, you compel yourself to read. You make a public promise to finish a bookβ€”and failing to do so would tarnish your good reputation and bring you shame! So, if you want to read more, join the club. β€”Thanks, John
@johnbbartlet Hi John, congrats with the launch! I like the idea of reading more meaningful books and for your dog to have enough food so I've added myself to your club! One thought I had: while reading Deep Work I really spent time to dive into the exercises in the book, and that made it really useful read for me. Maybe that's something to discuss in the club, "what was your answer to question xyz"
@roelvanderkraan Hi, thanks so much for joining. I'd love it if we discussed things like that, it would be nice if the club discussed all manner of good habits, and even helped turn the ideas in the books into new products. Thanks again for joining.
@johnbbartlet Congrats on the launch John and thank you for including my recs! I totally agree that reading is a habit that is not always easy, but SO important. This year I set out to read 24 books and I'm just about to hit my goal this month, with Thinking Fast and Slow.
@johnbbartlet What a tasty selection of reads! Getting ready to dive in! ...
@johnbbartlet And look, cool! there's a readers' discussion forum, too. Well done guys!! :-) This might help bring the joy back to reading (for me anyway).
I understand the project is in the early phase, so there isn't much content yet. But have you thought about getting in more books? I. e. by parsing Twitter, Medium, PH, whatever people are into these days, and creating a database of people and their recommendations. You could also do it by seeing which makers upvoted which books on PH.
@yan_sidyakin Hi, thanks for the feedback. Yes, there definitly is not enough on there yet, I've been adding them semi-manually, which actually works quite well, but does take a while. I'm going to add more content, and maybe create a submission system soon.
Beautiful website! Love the minimalistic UI and perfect choice of fonts. Is there a way for non-famous entrepreneurs to submit books?
@peterdenatale Hi, glad you like the site, yes. I'd really like non-famous people to be on there too, I need to create a submission page. There's actually some normies on there already, including me!
Great! I signed up in an instant. Thank you @johnbbartlet
Good idea, I should however start reading more.