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A collection of PH's most popular curated lists.

#5 Product of the DayNovember 04, 2015
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This was just waiting to happen... I had talked with @rossdcurrie about when there would be a 'stack of stacks' and here it is :) Thanks to the guys at @usepanda for including Marketing Stack too 😄 Nice work @ahmetsulek
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@bentossell thanks to you for curating such a great list!
@ahmetsulek @bentossell Thank you to you for curating such a great list of great lists! 😄
@bentossell hahaha this is so meta, loving it!
We love hand curated lists and use it regularly when developing and launching a project. Picked our favorites listed on PH so far. Feel free to give your feedbacks & suggestions! Credits goes to the all the curators and the community of Product Hunt!
@ahmetsulek I'm coming after war and all jokes have already been made :-( Well done! (and thanks for including SlackStack)
This is the first curated collection of curated collections to go on my Curated Curated Collections Collection (my curated collection of curated collections).
Haha. A few months ago I jokingly mentioned to @bramk he should create Stash Stash. Made this mockup. Looks like someone finally made the real thing!
Is PH turning into a list of lists of lists?