The Spot

A network for creatives to learn, share, and grow.

The Spot will be the one place you need to start learning something creative. We offer in-depth guides to help you choose what creative field best fits you. A resource library to help you expand your skill set. We also offer a community for you to grow.
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Hey Riley, it would be great if you could expand a bit on what creative fields are you targeting. Also, if you are looking for further awareness about the product and also get some early users in your mailing list, try posting a Q&A bounty on Masmic which will cost you just min. $0.5.
@rohit_jindal29 The other three founders and I are designers in some aspect. Some of us do logo design, UI and UX, etc. So based on that, we will be making design content, but we're community-driven. We have a Discord server with around 300 people in it, a certain few have been eager to help out by writing guides, optimizing SEO, etc. Each of those individuals knows something that we don't, either it is programming, map drawing, producing music or something else. So to summarize my answer, we will mainly be targeting designers, but we will have other fields sprinkled in. Hopefully, that answers your question, if you have any more please ask!