The Spontaneous Pop-up Display (SPUD)

24-inch TV screen that collapses & expands like an umbrella

#4 Product of the DayNovember 10, 2016
SPUD is a high-resolution 24-inch screen with the awesome benefit of ultra-portability. It collapses just like a ruggedized umbrella to the size and weight of a paperback book - making it ideal for anyone on the go. When expanded, SPUD uses custom optics combined with the latest DLP technology to produce the sharp, bright image that you need. Either with an HDMI cable or wireless adapter, SPUD can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop - no matter where you are! Because of SPUD’s lightweight (less than 2 pounds) and compact form factor, when collapsed, it fits in your purse, backpack, laptop bag, or even your jacket pockets! Take SPUD anywhere!
Thanks for posting this Kevin! We're hard at work on our Kickstarter campaign talking to backers and answering questions. Check it out at:
How do you handle wrinkles? I have some lightboxes and it has similar fabric and design and clearly gets permanent creases when stowed away.
@richardginsberg Great question... we had to spend a lot of time figuring that one out! The short answer: we invented (and patented) a new type of screen. The SPUD screen material disperses the light evenly across the screen area, but it doesn't wrinkle like a standard projection screen does:
Great idea. Would love to see a portable 60" television 😉
@alexpacific_ Thanks! We actually get that feedback a lot. Imagine taking your 'movie screen' SPUD with you camping, or since I live in Texas... tailgating! It's definitely on the to-do-research list for our future product portfolio.